Maker Faire
In the New York Times article Learning Through Tinkering, the author rightly tells us that, “If we want to raise kids to be independent thinkers and change-makers, one of the best things we can do is give them the tools to figure stuff out for themselves.” Enter The Maker Movement.
Maker Faire is the ultimate innovator and technical DIY event started and produced by MAKER MEDIA. Think kitchen table tinkerer, inventor, and innovator meets science fair/expo, and you’ve imagined MAKER FAIRE.
10480572_10152611598854434_6262434086285284565_o-220x165The Maker Movement began in 2006, has been growing ever since, and is now sweeping the Nation’s science, project-based education system. Maker is a gathering (a movement) of enthusiasts, scientists, do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists, students, and other technical and science savvy professionals. These folks attend Maker Faires and Mini-Maker Faires to share their technical skills, their scientific talents, and their ingenious creations, and to teach others and spread the word about The Movement.
In 2014, over 100 Mini-Maker Faires were organized and hosted around the world. Attendance has been at record levels and more than half of attendees bring children to the events.
Maker Faire has filled the gap for DIYers, innovators, educators, hackers, and inventors – these curious folks, who for years have been relegated to their garages, basements, or kitchen tables, now have an amazing venue to share their knowledge and innovations with like-minded people and with the world.
BFB-3D-touchOdyssey School is excited to announce our invitation to Austin’s Mini-Maker Faire 2015. At Odyssey School, we have long been advocates for our diverse learners who demonstrate daily that intelligence, knowledge, skill, and effort are expressed in many ways, and meshes well with the maker movement’s “learning through tinkering.” At Austin Mini-Maker Faire, we will be showing some of the cool items our students have designed, programmed, and built, including robots, computer games, and a demonstration of our new 3-D printer (technology purchased using funds granted to Odyssey by the Lola Wright Foundation). We hope to see you there!
Austin’s Mini-Maker Faire is sponsored by Freescale, Austin Tinkering School, and Intel and will be held at The Palmer Events Center Saturday and Sunday (10am – 6pm). As The Movement sweeps the world, many engineers are recognizing the benefits of engaging in and attempting to solve challenging projects or create new technologies.
Maker Media is offering a free digital issue of MAKE Magazine for new subscribers. “MAKE [magazine] unites, inspires, informs, and entertains a growing community of resourceful people who undertake amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and garages.” And let’s not forget these resourceful people are inside the classrooms too!
1378805_10151944582529434_1239194590_nOdyssey School students, teachers, and staff are looking forward to showing you our innovations and creations at Austin’s Mini-Maker Faire 2015.
Purchase tickets for Austin’s Mini-Maker Faire.


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