Asset Based Thinking

Asset-Based Thinking

For students with learning disabilities, a positive orientation to themselves and their education can make all the difference. Asset-Based Thinking is a program we’re thrilled about. It teaches students strategies to focus consistently on what’s working and what’s possible—and to find the great qualities and strengths in themselves and each other. A positive school climate is the clear result.

Odyssey is the first school in Austin to be a certified training school for the Asset-Based Thinking program. Faculty, staff and students are all using its tools. The program integrates seamlessly into our curriculum and has proven to increase student confidence, wellbeing, academic success and leadership!

Imagine if your child looked at their learning through a lens of:
  • Challenges rather than issues
  • Opportunities rather than problems
  • What they can learn rather than what they can’t
  • Their strengths rather than their deficits
That is Asset-Based thinking!