Authentic Assessment

Our process is the complete opposite of “teaching to the test.”

We use portfolios, one-on-one discussions, multimedia presentations and ongoing observation to assess student progress. Teachers measure growth and comprehension along the way. Teaching, learning and assessment are one seamless fabric.

We know that intelligence, knowledge, skill and effort are expressed in a diversity of ways.

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Anxiety about failure doesn’t cloud the learning process at Odyssey. Our students have the opportunity to articulate what they’ve learned in different formats—and enjoy demonstrating their knowledge and skill.

Separate from grades and class assessments, every student takes the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT) once a year. It is administered in a comfortable one-on-one environment with our Educational Diagnostician.

The WIAT provides us with a baseline to understand students’ academic strengths in Reading, Writing, Math and Oral Language—and where additional supports or interventions are needed.

We also offer many services through the Odyssey Educational Testing Center.