College and Career Preparation

At Odyssey, we understand the importance of educating your child beyond today. Each step of the way, we guide them to imagine, articulate, and reach for their highest dreams. Our Pragmatics and Dual-Enrollment programs provide a springboard for college and careers.

Through college counseling over two years, we strive to achieve an excellent match between student and college. Teachers, parents and student consider academics, aptitude, personality, independence, financial resources, geography and goals. With wrap-around support, students find this important decision less confusing and more rewarding.


Pragmatics is a 2-year course entirely dedicated to helping juniors and seniors prepare for their transition into post-high school endeavors. We start early so that students have time to integrate their skills and ideas.

Students visit university campuses, tour dorms, make plans for college application, prepare for and schedule college testing together. They write resumes, take personality tests and skills assessments and
explore a variety of careers through shadowing, light internship and meet-and-greet interviews with professionals.

Last but not least, they practice independent living and practical life skills like keeping a budget spreadsheet, understanding car maintenance, and cooking for one.

Every Pragmatics class is tailored to help young people envision their futures with confidence.

Dual Enrollment

Odyssey offers dual-enrollment at Austin Community College through our College Connections program. For eligible juniors and seniors, we rearrange student schedules and do tutoring to support their enrollment. In our first two graduating classes, 40% of students had taken at least one ACC class by the end of their Odyssey careers!

College Boards and College Placement Testing

We work with students and parents to plan for college placement testing and can host that testing for students, providing accommodations for those who qualify.

Alternate Paths

We encourage all students to attend a two-year or four-year college, and most do! We also acknowledge that for some students, college is a long-term goal and the right path begins with professional school, apprenticeship in a trade, or beginning a career path. Those students are equally supported in their journeys.