Engage, Inspire, Empower with Asset-Based Thinking

Odyssey School promotes a forward thinking, progressive, and positive atmosphere. In keeping with this spirit, last year we began implementing Asset-Based ThinkingTM (ABT) in our school. ABT principles and practices allow us to direct attention toward what is strong and best, what is working and valuable, as well as what is possible in every situation.

“Asset-based thinking widens and sharpens your personal frame of reference, so you can enlarge the perspective of others. This allows the combined talents and strengths of multiple asset- based thinkers to grow exponentially, making it possible to see and harvest an amazing array of benefits.” – Change the Way You See Everything by Dr. Kathryn Cramer and Hank Wasiak
We have been so inspired and energized by our experience with ABT that several of our teachers, as well as our Head of School, invested three full days of time and energy into a detailed training program in order to dig deeper into this way of thinking and learn more about how to better implement this way of thinking in our classrooms.

We are now the very first ABT-Certified School. We are excited to further immerse our staff, teachers, and students in the principles and practices. We are also thrilled to have several Certified ABT Facilitators and Trainers on staff.

If you would you like to learn more about brain-based ABT in Action training for your school, business, or organization, please contact Lisa Bovee, one of our ABT Facilitators: Bovee@OdysseySchool.com

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