(the transition) BACK TO SCHOOL

11242690_10153662307374434_7920941679360081114_nThe transition from summer break to a new school year can be difficult and stressful, but starting off a new school year on a positive note is extremely important — for students, parents, and teachers. This positivity can influence your student’s attitude, confidence, and interest as well as their social and academic success.

Putting some extra time and effort into helping your student transition (mentally and physically) from relaxed and perhaps unstructured summer days to consistent bedtimes, waking up early, making lunches, and getting to class on time can make a world of difference.

When possible, attend all orientations and meet-the-teacher events. When your student has the opportunity to tour the school, meet teachers and administrators, and interact with a new social group, this will ease some anxiety and fear of the unknown.

A good idea to stay ahead is to review and return all school material as soon as possible and make note of important dates, such as any back-to-school nights, school socials, or other important meetings you may have with your child’s teachers or administrators.

This may be a good time to re-establish healthy and consistent bed-time routines, including less television, more quiet reading time, and healthier eating habits. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children ages 10 and older receive 9-10 hours of sleep per night. Sometimes, sleep deprived students have a difficult time coping and focusing during the school day.

Check out Eating Well for tips on easy and healthy back-to-school breakfasts, foods for athletes and active kids, as well as healthy lunch recipes.

Establish regular after-school routines too, such as time to relax, have snacks, or play outside before beginning any homework or studying. Designate a spot to do homework and keep backpacks and school supplies.

IMG_4136Don’t forget to have fun with your child. Time for stories, jokes, and being silly after a long and sometimes frustrating day at school (and work) not only creates wonderful memories but also relieves stress and ends the day on a positive note!

Being connected, positive, informed, and involved can assist in creating a successful and exciting school year for everyone!

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