Is Your Dyslexic Student Visually Talented?

New studies out of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics suggest that people with dyslexia exhibit visual talents that may far outweigh the visual talents of their non-dyslexic counterparts. These visual talents are heightened even though people with dyslexia typically struggle with visual focus activities like reading. Researchers believe that people with dyslexia may be “better at noticing things that are distributed more broadly.” In other words, they may miss the trees but see the forest.

Matthew H. Schneps, an astrophysicist with dyslexia who founded the Laboratory for Visual Learning, is not alone in his assertions that “Impairments in one area can lead to advantages in others.” Author Malcom Gladwell has also discussed the “upside of dyslexia,” which is remarkable problem-solving skills and “outside the box thinking.”

Many sociologists, medical doctors, and neuroscientists are also recognizing the visual talents that seem to be byproducts of dyslexia and that these enhanced visual abilities can be advantageous in many areas, such as engineering, math, science and technology.

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