John Brinson

John Brinson – Head of School


I’m John Brinson, the Headmaster of Odyssey School. Providing quality specialized education options for students with learning differences is my true calling. As a person with dyslexia myself, I understand how powerful a school like Odyssey can be. When I was in high school, education for learning differences was very different. Now I see examples of our students’ intellects being supported in innovative ways every day, and I’m proud to be part of that movement. We focus deeply on the needs of each individual, and arriving at Odyssey is life-changing for many students.

I hold a BA from the University of Texas at Arlington and an MBA from St. Edwards University, and I want every one of our students to feel that their educational opportunities are unlimited.

I have worked in the field of private school special education in the Austin community since 1996. I helped found a private school for students with learning disabilities and worked there for five years before joining Odyssey School in 2001 as a teacher and administrator. This will be my eighth year as Head of School.

I firmly believe that all students can be successful in their intellectual, creative, and social development. My goal is to help every student discover their individual potential for greatness.

– John Brinson