Student Life

Our students love the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) freedom of tinkering, creativity and invention here. You’ll find “makespaces” throughout the school where students are learning-through-doing: crafting DIY metal, wood, fabrication, technology and engineering projects that engage their minds and their drive to create.

Visit our blog to read Time Magazine’s article on why the Maker movement is essential to American culture and Newsweek’s on the reinvention of education with the Maker philosophy.

Field Trips

Odyssey means journey, and our school thrives on exploration. Teachers are encouraged to bring classes out into the city to put their learning into action. Students love to tackle projects in the field. For example, while studying weather, science classes visit a local a TV station to see meteorology at work. Spanish classes visit local Spanish stores to do a scavenger hunt. Art students visit TechShop, a fabrication, prototyping and hackerspace studio, where they get to see inventors making a living and 3D printers making new realities.

When a student has a passion or obsession, Odyssey teachers work to engage it and weave it into their learning. This results in some of our best field trips!


Odyssey provides the opportunity for all students to participate on an athletic team. We are devoted to development of the whole person and there’s strong evidence for a link between physical activity and academic success. We’re proud to support our student athletes with thriving soccer, basketball and flag football teams.

Student Government

Students have a real voice at Odyssey and their leadership is taken seriously. Student Council organizes on behalf of students, and advocates for their peers’ viewpoints and issues.


Our faculty enthusiastically supports young peoples’ interests! Whenever a group wants to meet, a faculty member will offer a classroom and support. From chess club to Dungeons & Dragons, woodworking to Coolio Club (where young women share food, stories, and creative endeavors), clubs at Odyssey give students the chance to learn, relax and socialize.

Camp Odyssey

Our summer daycamp, Camp Odyssey, offers a unique blend of academic enrichment that strengthens scholastic ability while fostering creativity in a fun and engaging way.

The camp is centered around interactive science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics, in an environment of creative play. Camp Odyssey is designed for students with ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning disabilities. It is built upon a simple concept: kids love to learn. Our parents will tell you that their children come home bubbling with enthusiasm and energy about all the fun things they’ve learned and done at summer camp.