Odyssey Educational Testing Center

_MG_2624-Blocks, Desk, Female student, Focusing, Fractions, Math, Overhead, StudyingWe provide professional, affordable assessments at the Odyssey Educational Testing Center.

As Austin’s leaders in quality education for students with learning differences for over a decade, our team is uniquely qualifed to guide you through the process of diagnostic testing. Our team of experts works to create the best assessment experiences possible, from kindergarten to college.

Assessment Options

Full Assessment

The Full Assessment
 provides comprehensive psycho-educational and language testing. Results are delivered as written reports and shared during an in-person consultation and interpretation session to assure full understanding. Our assessments are Texas Education Agency-compliant and are appropriate for presentation to school districts, the College BoardTM and ACT Inc.

Bilingual and non-verbal assessments are available, as well as specialized testing services for students on the Autistic Spectrum.

Individualized Post-Assessment Support

We provide consultation for families who want support with implementation of findings or with school communications. We offer:

  • Consultation and in-school observations
  • Attendance and advocacy for your child at school meetings such as ARD/IEP or 504 accommodations meetings.
  • Teacher-friendly recommendations for specifc accommodations and strategies
  • Guidance identifying therapeutic needs

  • Recommendations of appropriate therapeutic professionals
  • Experience and advice in selecting a long-term educational path for your child

Reevaluation or Updating Prior Tests

Is your student preparing for college testing
 ? The reevaluation process will help support and assist in appropriate accommodations. It’s also a great option when working with the College Board™ and ACT tests.

Career and Skills Testing

For students preparing for a career, we offer the Highlands Ability Battery™, which is the gold standard among tools measuring human aptitudes or abilities. More than any other test, it helps outline what kinds of college study and career a person should pursue, and what kinds they should not pursue.

You may learn even more from the Strong Interest Inventory, which provides deeper understanding of individual strengths and blind spots, including work style and interaction needs.

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