Odyssey School Now Offering Academic Language Therapy

IMG_0282Odyssey School is committed to assisting struggling readers with a proven and systematic reading program — offering group and individual Language Therapy. The foundation of our lessons follow the long standing and proven Orton Gillingham scope and sequence. Our lessons are multisensory, researched based, and highly effective. There is an additional focus on academic vocabulary which enables students to identify, read, and understand complex multi-syllable words they will encounter in every class.

We use a comprehensive set of intervention and reading tools to diagnose, group, support, and teach students who have weaknesses in foundational reading skills. With our Language Therapy program and support, students are able to practice, learn, and master what good readers do naturally: read with a high rate of accuracy, use decoding strategies to attack unfamiliar and multi-syllabic words, and pay attention to every word. We teach phonemic awareness, concepts, and word attack skills.

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