Changing the Course: 21st Century Learners Education Symposium

Odyssey School attended Magellan International School’s Changing the Course: 21st Century Learners Education Symposium this week. This is a symposium bringing together local and international experts to discuss best practices for students to succeed in a changing world. Educator and Language Arts Department Head, Lisa Bovee, along with Evelyn Bollinger, Odyssey’s Diagnostician, prepared and conducted 3 Break-Out Sessions on Using Asset Based Strategies in the Classroom. In these sessions, educators, parents, diagnosticians, and clinicians received a first-hand account of how Odyssey School implements Asset Based Thinking, flexible approaches, praises, and compliments to help shift students’ mind-sets from deficit based thinking to Asset Based Thinking. This shift creates awareness, and this awareness helps students think and react differently in all areas of their lives. Everyone can create this positive mindset shift in their lives, which can help increase confidence, focus, and motivation in personal, professional, and social arenas.

9e3465a2-5fc3-4e26-9199-94fe2e62edeaFeatured Keynote Speakers included: Dr. Dilip Karnik of Austin’s Karnik Institute and Professor Patricia Leon of Harvard University’s Project Zero — respectively, they discussed looking at learning disabilities from new approaches and thinking environments that support understanding. Other breakout sessions included topics such as, NeuroScience and Management of Dysgraphia, Positive Strategies for Whole-Class Behavior Management, and NeuroNutrition: The Gut-Brain Connection. These professionals offered valuable information on classroom behavior management, using rewards and positive strategies, and the important and science-based connection between what we eat and how we perform and feel.

Odyssey School shared information about its school and connected with other education professionals, private schools, and parents. Head of School, John Brinson, was a panelist where he and other education professionals discussed a new mindset of teaching while understanding that the learners in our classrooms must emerge. The discussion was grounded in the idea that there must be a vital shift in teacher/student roles. It is such a positive and exciting time in the world of education and to be in the position of assisting, guiding, and supporting students and their families. Odyssey is honored to have been a part of this First Annual Education Series.

We are also honored and excited to announce that Odyssey School, in collaboration with Magellan International School, will be hosting the Second Annual Education Series for Private Schools Symposium in 2017. We look forward to being a part of Magellan’s quest of bringing education professionals together and offering valuable resources and information to our community of Austin Private School parents, teachers, and other education professionals.

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